The Heart of West Prince


The Town of Alberton and its surrounding area has many resources and services available to residents and visitors. All of these greatly aid in the day to day functioning of life in Alberton and make it a friendly and safe place to live.

The Town of Alberton has a population of approximately 1350-1400 people, making it the highest populated community in West Prince. West Prince refers to the western part of Prince County, which is also the western most county on Prince Edward Island. Alberton covers a land area of 4.5 square kilometers and is situated in a rural area. However, this is just “Alberton Proper”, the small area within the town limits. The Alberton area actually takes in many other important and unique surrounding communities, attractions, people, and businesses.

Alberton is essentially a farming and fishing community as most of the land surrounding Alberton is farm land and there is a flourishing fishing wharf (Northport Harbour) just 5 minutes from Main Street. Alberton also has a thriving commercial sector which complements our rural roots nicely.

There is something in Alberton for everyone. Whether you are looking for shopping, scenery, or just a place to relax, Alberton is the place to be.

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